XXC Italian design Castiglioni

Where: Milan

Castiglioni is a tour focused on the history of Italian design, dedicated to the great architect and designer Achille Castiglioni. Ironic, clever, workaholic, crazy collector. Achille thought everyday life objects could become the beginning and the inspiration for great new projects: his extraordinary imagination delivered pure functionality. He is the father of several no-name projects of everyday objects – the lamp switch is a Castiglioni creation in case you did not know: perfect in shape, functionality, ergonomy at almost zero expense. In this tour (chapter one, that could be followed by chapter 2, 3, 4…) you’ll have the privilege of meeting Castiglioni’s daughter, Giovanna, who has the same spirit, energy and positive vibe as Achille. She will lead you through Castiglioni’s inventions, drawings and projects that became icons of the italian and XXC design worldwide.


– The Achille Castiglioni Foundation, explore the photos, models, books and films that in Castiglioni’s house museum
– Thematic Architectural Itinerary, visit the buildings Castiglioni designed around Milan heritage, get an insider tour by Castiglioni’s daughter, Giovanna
– Shop, pick up a couple of design essentials at the small shop in the complex
Photos by René Spitz