Hidden French concession

Where: Shanghai

The French Concession was established in 1849 as territory in Shanghai for a French settlement. This neighbourhood hosts gems typically French influenced, merged with the local context. The journey take place among quiet and leafy streets, with some stops to meaningful highlights of architecture, shops and cozy cafes.


Rue du Consulat (East Jinling Road), the rue principale or “high street” of the original French Concession
Route Ferguson (Wukang Road), full of a well-preserved examples of a residential houses in the former French Concession, along with nice cafes and restaurants
Avenue Joffre (Huahai Road), a mix of old and new architectures and shopping area
Normandie Apartments, on Avenue Joffre
Clements Apartments on Rue Lafayette
Former Avenue Joffre police station
– A hidden cafe with a selection of vintage pieces


– The locations’ selection can be addressed toward your personal interested toward the discovery of a specific topic
– The journey will be mainly by feet.
Photos by Andrew K. Smith