Before taking off, we would like to give you a glimpse of our clients’ previous experiences. A brief introduction of each journey is following by achieved goals and activities we provided along the way.




A deep exploration of design realities and local culture

Feng Jia owns a brand new design firm in Shenzhen, focused on office design. His trip to Italy during the design week was crucial to learn more about design and to start meaningful collaborations, both with suppliers and designers. We took care of organizing different activities during the week, all based on its needs. Jia and his two colleagues met Chinese students close to their graduation in Milan Polytechnic, offering them the opportunity to take an internship at their company once back in China. Thanks to Valentina, we’ve organized appointments with some Italian brands that focus on office furniture and we’ve meet them at the fair. We’ve also worked as a bridge with some experienced designers, meeting them directly in their studios. Between an appointment and another, we were taking Jia and his colleague to the best Milanese dining location, making them eat and live the culture like locals.

Politecnico di Milano’s visit guided by an associate professor. Meeting with a class of Chinese design students.

Tailored itinerary at the fair with appointments. Private meetings with architects in their studio.

Selections of restaurants to experience local food. Shopping suggestions and other details.


A guided journey to the most peculiar architectures in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.

Piero Mollica asked us to plan a journey to discover the urban shapes of the PRD area. After a deep study of his style, we proposed him a journey through the cutting-edge architecture of Shenzhen, the density of Hong Kong and the icons of Macau. In this three days journey, we lead him seamlessly in the selected locations, accompanied by a local driver in each city, taking care of everything planned and unplanned to make sure Piero was just focusing on personal artistic research.

On-field research before the exploration. Selection of the best location where to go shooting.

Photo-journey around the city to shoot architectures from different perspectives.

Photos were exhibited and sold at MIA Fair in Milano a month later.


A journey in the best Milanese showrooms to recreate the feeling of the Italian contemporary style at home.

He fell in love with the Italian contemporary interior style and he contacted us expressing the wish to make his house look like that. During our design process, with the help of Valentina, we organized a special day for him in Milan toward the discover of the best products of some selected brands. For him it was like living in a dynamic catalogue, having the opportunity to visualize with all of his senses a preview of his new house. Once he selected the items he liked the most, we kept the contact with the local brands and integrated their products in the interior design.

Select a range of furniture brands. Have a meeting to plan the purchase

Follow the agreement and support the client for any shipping issues

Follow up the interior decoration process. Coordinate local and international suppliers.


A journey by the side of fashion designers among ateliers and studios

Fannie and Lea own a wholesale fashion design company in Shenzhen, China. They visited Milan with a clear aim: get in contact with local designers, to better know the famous Italian realm of fashion design and establish good relationship with them. After a previous research and selections of small emergent brands that share a similar style with Fannie and Lea’s company, they were lead among these small studios by Valentina e Alessia, our expert collaborators in Milan. The communication was facilitated thanks to a Chinese-Italian real time translator. After few months from this two days journey, Fannie and Lea are starting meaningful collaborations with some of the designers met during their trip.

Trend-hunting around Milano with a fashion expert. Explore the most relevant concept stores.

Have a talk with store managers, fashion designers and influencers. Hunt out new collaborations.

Celebrate the experience with a private wine tasting in a renowned winery.


A typical designer’s Friday spent between art exhibitions, fashion stores and rad eateries

Julia has been many times in Shanghai, but while looking at our Instagram profiles (@sarettasun, @serendella) she felt like “our” Shanghai was different from the one she was used to see and live. That’s why we brought her with us during one of our typical Fridays. The journey started in a historical neighborhood, in a traditional Milanese bar with a cup of espresso coffee, to give us the right energy for the day. We’ve been visiting and briefed Julia about an art exhibition currently going on, then we head for lunch in a toast eatery, meeting the chef and sharing thoughts. The afternoon was dedicated to the discovery of some design cafes and concept stores.

Visit the hottest fashion and art exhibitions around the city, guided by an insider.

Go shopping and explore independent fashion firms around French Concession.

Afternoon tea and chat in an exclusive location on the Bund (with a view).


Theoretical and practical training on designing a window display from initial concept through to installation.

The 3 hours class aimed to go through the design process of window display design, covering all the elements from inspiration, presenting ideas, putting your ideas into production and installing. It was hosted by Moda Academy at NH @ Cool in Shekou, Shenzhen and it’s part of a retail course for creative professionals, retail managers and owners. 

From the idea, to the reality. How to play with moodboard, colors, material and balance them into the display space.

Get to know about the hottest VM trends / best practices and learn how to use them.

Apply for a tour after theoretical class: inspiration can come from anywhere!


Inside and outside the fair to meet the next partner for a big project in Shenzhen 

Shum Yip Taifu Group is a real estate development and operation company based in Shenzhen. They’re currently working on a new project, Taifu Plaza. The project consists in the creation of a mall focused on furniture business (showrooms, multi-brand stores as well as design studios). The goal of the visit was to get in touch with Italian furniture brand to discuss the possibilities of future collaboration such as the resources, talent exchanges or possible investment projects. 

From the idea, to the reality. How to play with moodboard, colors, material and balance them into the display space.

Get to know about the hottest VM trends / best practices and learn how to use them.

Apply for a tour after theoretical class: inspiration can come from anywhere!